Short Brief

An innovative solar powered, mobile operated and adherence to health, safety, and environmental (HSE) compliance standards device is Instaboom Barrier. It stands out as a cost-effective alternative to traditional traffic management options. Its portable nature minimizes training needs and provides a practical and efficient solution for traffic control. With its state-of-the-art design and advanced features, this barrier significantly reduces potential interfaces between traffic management staff .  


Instaboom Barrier is a cost effective solution designed to modernize traffic management in both remote and public environments. The heart of this barrier features a solar power system with panels strategically placed on the top of the case with an unexceptional hybrid feature that opens the barrier   150 times a day, ensuring not only eco-friendly operation but also an incredible 110V battery with 3 weeks’ backup. Ranging from 1 to 4 meters in length, it telescopic boom feature make it more attractive that can be easily gathered quickly. A non-contact feature that prevents the bar from colliding when closing the cycle for safety point of view. A remote control with a range of 800 meters not only operates the barrier, but also has an LED system that allows you to know the battery status in real time. It uses telematics app to send alert email about battery health and start/shut commands.


  • Boom Length: 4m
  • Power supply: Solar
  • Battery Backup: 3 weeks
  • Operational device: Remote Control


  • Parking Facilities 
  • Toll Booths 
  • Temporary securing sites
  •  Emergency blockade
  • Health care Facilities 
  • Industrial Facilities 
  • Government Buildings ·
  •  Hotels and Resorts
  •  Gated Communities
  •  Event Venue
  •  Construction sites


  • Solar powered
  • Large battery backup
  • Anti-contact safety
  • Compact Design
  • Adjustable boom length
  • Ease of operation 
  • Telematic App
  • Remote control with 800-meter range  

Operational Accessories

  • Wireless Key code
  • GSM intercom
  • Auto open for known vehicle ANPR Camera
  • Telematics and instant alerts for tracking
  • GS6 Wired for over heighted vehicles
  • GS6 Solar powered Wireless  


When it comes to installation, our team of certified professionals is well-versed in the intricacies of our barrier systems. Our installation specialists adhere to a systematically designed procedure to ensures that your barrier is smoothly integrated into your environment, meeting both safety and design requirements. Our customer service team is always available to conform you. Whether you need additional guidance post-installation or have queries about maintenance, our team is always available to provide you quality assistance.