Short Brief

  • Barrier gates, also known as boom gates or parking gates, are physical barriers that control vehicular access to a specific area. These gates are commonly used in various settings to regulate traffic flow and enhance security. Introducing the HB140 standard barrier, this product offers an extended solution for controlled access. It provides an accommodating boom length, ensuring efficient management of entry points while maintaining a secure environment.

Technical Specifications:

  • Supply: 220 – 240 volts
  • Power: 140 Watts
  • Boom length: 6m
  • Opening Time: 5sec


HB140 Standard

Boom Length


Operating Time

5 seconds


140 watts


 Motor powered


220-240 volts


  • Parts are molded
  • Three phase Motor
  • Worm transmission
  • Less noise
  • Steady drive
  • High powered rely to ensure power stability
  •  Pressure sensor to avoid crash
  •  Loop detector to ensure car passes safely 

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