Automatic Parking Lock

Short brief

Automatic parking locks provide a convenient and efficient solution for managing parking spaces. These devices are designed to automatically raise and lower, blocking or allowing access to designated parking spots as needed. With the use of remote controls or smartphone apps, users can easily operate the parking locks, ensuring secure and controlled access to parking areas. This technology helps optimize parking space usage, prevent unauthorized parking, and enhance security for vehicles and property. Additionally, automatic parking locks are often durable, weather-resistant, and low-maintenance, making them suitable for various indoor and outdoor parking environments.


The parking lock boasts impressive features for durability, security, and ease of use. It can withstand 500 kilograms of roller compactions, ensuring resistance under pressure. With self-locking capabilities, it remains secure in both raised and lowered positions, preventing unauthorized tampering. In case of battery depletion or malfunction, manual control is available for convenient operation and maintenance. Rated at IP66 protection class, it offers reliable resistance against dust and water ingress. The motor is equipped with protection mechanisms to prevent burnout when encountering external forces during operation. Low battery indication and external force interface alarming enhance user awareness and security. Additionally, anti-theft measures include covering expansion bolts and lockable shell with key-operated switch for added protection.

Technical Specification

  •  Rated Voltage: DC6V
  • Quiescent current: ≤1mA
  • Operating current: ≤1.2A
  • Arm rising time/falling time: ≤4s
  • Blocker height :390mm
  • Parking lock body height :75mm
  • Remote-controlled distance: ≤15m
  • Working temperature: -10℃~+55℃
  • Size :450*450*80mm
  • Weight: 8KG
  • Removable battery


  • Pressure Resistance
  • Automatic Locking
  • Manual Override
  • Protection class: IP 66
  • Motor protection
  • Low battery indication
  • External Force Alert System
  • Remote Synchronization
  • Anti-theft 


  • Parking Lots and Garages
  • Apartment Complexes and Condominiums
  • Office Buildings
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Shopping Centers and Retail Stores
  • Government Buildings and Institutions
  • Event Venues


When installed in the locked position, the parking lock connects to the sensor in the automobile's cigar lighter. When the car is powered on, the inductor activates, causing the parking lock to automatically lower. As the vehicle moves within a certain distance (10-30 meters), the parking lock rises, and when it approaches closer (0-10 meters), the lock automatically lowers. It is noted that when the inductor is active, remote control is disabled. The parking lock sensor eliminates the need for manual control, features two USB ports for rapid charging, and can be installed in any vehicle with a cigarette lighter. Installation should be in the middle of the carport on flat ground. It involves drilling holes, inserting expansion bolts, connecting the battery plug, and securing the top cover. Moreover, our customer service team is always available to conform you. Whether you need additional guidance post-installation or have queries about maintenance, our team is always available to provide you quality assistance.